Sunday, February 21, 2010

House Hunters

One of my favorite shows to watch on TV is "House Hunters" - I love being able to sit back and watch as other people pick the place they will call home. I like to try and guess which house the people picked, before it is announced. Most of all, I like to see the before-and-after pictures that show what the homebuyers changed or did differently in the house, to put their own personal touch on things.

For the past few weeks, Brian and I have been doing some real life house hunting. Actually, Brian is the one who is doing the house hunting and I'm just along for the ride... LoL House hunting is no easy task... there are so many factors to consider! It's difficult to find the perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, for the perfect price! So far, Brian and I (mostly Brian!) have found a couple houses that we both like alot. It's fun to try to picture what color you'd paint each room, and the furniture that would fit just right!

Brian has set a goal for himself... he would like to settle on a new house before April 30th, so he can take advantage of the $8,000 tax credit that is being offered to new homebuyers. I hope he finds something good soon! =)

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