Friday, September 17, 2010

September slacking...

Well, September is sailing on by... and I'm starting to slack on my blog posts, which I promised myself I wouldn't do. I seriously cannot believe that we're already 17 days into the month of September. Where, oh where, does the time go?!

Here's what I've been up to so far this month...

Brian & I had a double date night with my friend Jon and his girlfriend Amy. We all went out to dinner a few months ago and have been saying we'd like to do it again, but... as always, scheduling conflicts prevented that for awhile longer than we would've liked. Finally, we were able to find a night that worked for all of us. Instead of going out to eat, I suggested we have Jon & Amy over to our house for dinner and a movie. I made Asian BBQ Chicken and Spicy Stir-Fried Green Beans... after dinner we hung out and watched Date Night. It was a fun time... we're looking forward to doing it again soon!

We went to yet another wedding... the groom, Shawn, is a deputy who I used to work with on evening shift. Their wedding was casual with a nautical theme. It was kinda nice to just relax and not have to worrying about being so formal for once! :)

Brian & I celebrated Labor Day weekend by going to Bengie's Drive-In for their 55th Annual Dusk 'til Dawn Movie Marathon. They were playing Despicable Me, The Other Guys, Salt, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and The Expendables. I haven't been to Bengie's in YEARS... like years and years... and it was so cool! You really can't beat it... we paid $8 each to get in, plus we bought a pass for $7 that allowed us to bring outside food in with us. We brought a cooler full of ice, sodas, and water bottles, along with some snacks, and we stopped on the way and got a pizza. We brought pillows and a blanket with us too. We couldn't have asked for better weather... during the first movie, all the windows were down and the sunroof was open; during the second movie, the windows were halfway down and the sunroof was cracked; by the third movie, all the windows were up and the sunroof was closed, and Brian & I were cuddled up under the blanket! We found out that 5 movies was way too long for us... I fell asleep during the 2nd movie and we both fell asleep during the 3rd, so after that we just headed home. Bengie's is supposed to be open into the beginning of November, so I think we're going to try to go again before they close for the season. I can't wait! :)

Friday, September 10th was my Mom's birthday... she turned 55 years old this year! Since she had to work that day, I thought it would be nice if my Grandma and I could go to her work and have breakfast there with her. On my way home from work, I stopped and picked Grandma up and we headed to the Double TT. It was nice to spend some time with Grandma and my Mom. Because I had to work on her actual birthday, we planned to celebrate it on Sunday.

On Saturday, Brian & I took an evening walk through Mariner Point Park with my Mom & my sister. We walked the perimeter of the park twice and by the time we were finished, it was pitch black outside! After our exercise, we all went to Rita's for some Italian Ice... mmm!!! I got Ocean Spray Cranberry and it was DELICIOUS!! Definitely one of my favorite flavors!

On Sunday, in honor of her birthday, my Mom, sister and I decided to have a "Girl's Day" - we went to the movies together to see "The Last Exorcism", then we did some shopping on The Avenue at White Marsh, and then we went to an early dinner at Fogo de Chao in Baltimore. I had made reservations for us online and mentioned that my sister & I were going to be celebrating our mother's birthday, so after we finished eating the waiter brought out a plate of dessert with 3 forks and the words "Happy Birthday" written in raspberry puree along the edges of the plate. I thought that was so nice of them! :)

I've been busy scheduling tons of clinicals for the next few months... I've signed up for shifts at St. Joseph's Hospital in the Operating Room and the N.I.C.U.; Sinai Hospital in Labor & Delivery, the Psychiatric Ward, the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, and the Pediatric Emergency Room; and the Maryland Poison Center... plus a ton of shifts at the firehouse where I'll be precepted by a senior Paramedic. I've got lots of work ahead of me, but it will all be worth it in a few months when I get that Paramedic patch to replace my Intermediate patch that I worked so hard for!! :)

I think that should bring us up to date... I promise I'll try harder at not slacking so much! In the meantime, like the song by Green Day, "wake me up when September ends..." LoL

P.S. I'm lacking some pictures on these last two blogs because I transferred everything to my external hard drive and wiped my laptop hard drive clean... I've been meaning to bring my external hard drive with me so I could upload some pics, but I keep forgetting. Anyone who knows me should know that it's not like me to not take pictures!! :)

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