Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Last Thursday 9/18 I had my last 4-week OB appointment. Now I'll be going every 2-weeks until I reach 36 weeks and after that I'll be going every week until the baby is born! I was surprised to learn that I actually LOST weight this month! Only a pound but still, I consider that a victory! Especially after vacationing in Mexico with my mom and eating ALOT while we were there!

I also had my 1-hour glucose tolerance test scheduled for the same morning. I was really nervous about the glucose tolerance test, mostly because I've heard/read horror stories from other pregnant women so I was really dreading it. Because I was so nervous, my wonderful husband insisted on coming with me and staying with me for the whole hour. The test was SUPPOSED to be performed at my doctor's office, ideally at the same time as my OB appointment, however as with everything else at that office, they screwed it up and I would've had to either wait until the lab technician came in at 9:30 (my OB appointment was at 8:00) or go to a LabCorp a few minutes up the road and have the test done there. My husband joked that we would probably get all the way up to LabCorp and not be seen until after 9:30 and that was pretty close... when you're given the sugary drink, you have 5 minutes to finish it and the test begins as soon as you turn in the empty bottle. My test began at 9:29 am. It was actually pretty uneventful and not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The drink, which only came in orange flavor, wasn't something I would go buy out of a vending machine willingly but it reminded me of a flat orange soda or orange flavored Hawaiian Punch/Hi-C. I did feel a little nauseous drinking something that sweet on an empty stomach, but I didn't throw up or even come close to it, thank God! An hour after I finished the drink, they drew my blood and that was that.

Until... yesterday. I got a call from my doctor's office saying that my test results were "abnormal" (your blood glucose level cannot be higher than 139, mine was 151) and that I would need to take the 3-hour test. UGH!!! I am REALLY dreading having to take the 3 hour test, for several reasons:

1. You have to fast for 12 hours before the test. That's a long time for a pregnant lady to go without food! You also can't eat during the test, which means that when all is said and done you will have been without food for about 16 hours! Did I mention that's a long time for a pregnant lady to go without food?! lol

2. You have to sit in the doctor's office for 3+ hours... who wants to do that?!

3. They stick you not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times!!!! Before you drink the stuff, then every hour for 3 hours.

4. If I fail this test, I have to meet with a nutritionist and a dietician and will be required to follow a diabetic diet for the remainder of the pregnancy. That does NOT sound like fun at all! Atleast it's only for 81 more days +/

EIGHTY ONE DAYS?! Holy crap!!! It hardly seems possible that we are going to be parents in that short of a time! This is something I've felt ready for my whole life, and yet, I'm not ready!! I was telling Brian the other day that I've always looked at my mother as my go-to girl, the one to go to whenever I have a problem, the one who can fix anything and everything... I'm not that person! Yet someone is going to be looking at me to fix their problems... what a honor, but so scary and almost overwhelming at the same time! What if I'm no good at this?? Everyone keeps assuring me that I'm going to be a great mother, but how are they so sure?? I really hope that I will be as great of a mother as I've been blessed to have.

While my mom and I were vacationing in Mexico, we had the carpet ripped out of our whole top floor and engineered hardwood floors installed. Unbeknownst to me, Brian took the week off work to do some projects around the house: he put new, wooden blinds up in the guest bedroom upstairs, the baby's room, and the kitchen... he stripped and repainted the front step (a BIG job), and the biggest job of all - he surprised me by painting the whole nursery all by himself! We had picked out the nursery color the week before, it's called "Pink Plungs" and boy, is it pink! lol Brian also surprised me by purchasing the matching border to the bedding set we've picked out - it's called "Pink & Green Flower" by Sweet Jojo Designs. We put it up together last week and it makes the room look so cute and girly! :)

Pink Punge is the color we picked for the paint in the nursery!

Daddy hard at work on the border!

Sweet JoJo Designs Pink and Green Flower

Now all she needs is some furniture! Actually, she HAS furniture... we just need to put it together. We've had her furniture for about 7 weeks now, it has been sitting in our living room in the boxes it came in while we were waiting for the floors to be done.  My Mom & Grandma bought the crib and Brian & I bought the dresser/changing table.  Now that the floors are finally finished, the boxes have been moved up to the nursery and now we've just got to find the time to put the furniture together. This is what it will look like when it is put together.
convertible crib

changing table/dresser

Because of my thyroid issues, we are having ultrasounds every 4 weeks to monitor Baby McG's growth.  So far she is measuring exactly where she should be, not ahead or behind.  My endocrinologist says he doesn't expect that to change because my thyroid issues are being monitored and controlled with medication, but I don't mind the extra monitoring just to make sure.  At our last ultrasound on 9/5, she weighed a whopping 1 lb 14 oz!  I can't wait to see what she weighs at our next ultrasound on 10/3!  Her movements are getting stronger and stronger every day, it really is such a neat feeling that I'm so thankful to be experiencing.  Anyone who has experienced this miracle of life and doesn't believe in God... I don't know what else to say about that.  I am completely amazed at the things my body has been able to do and how this tiny life has grown inside me! 

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