Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm still alive...

Just a note to let everyone know that I'm still alive! I seem to have come down with a slight case of writer's block lately, which is sad because before that I was on a roll! I hope it doesn't last too long!

So, yeah... I seriously cannot believe that it's June 2nd already... JUNE!!! Summer is just around the corner... I wish time would slow down a little! This Summer is going to be a busy one... next week is Fireman's Convention and this will be the first year I haven't gone! Then later this month (in 25 days, to be exact) is Brian's birthday! I'm working on planning a special surprise for him... shhhhh!!! =) Two days after Brian's birthday is my sister Kelly's birthday. The second week in July, Brian is flying to Chicago for a few days, to attend his friend Rick's wedding. I'm not going with him for that trip, but we're both going in August for about 10 days when his sister Kelly gets married. We're still working out the details about whether we're going to fly or drive... from our house to Brian's parents house is a little over 728 miles. That would make it my longest road trip ever and it would take me through two new states that I can add to my list... Ohio and Indiana! That would bring my grand total to 16... only 35 more to go! LoL

Anyway, nothing too noteworthy has happened since I last blogged, so I guess that's good news. And that's all folks... LoL

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