Friday, May 7, 2010

Miss Grumpy Pants

Yep, that's me... Miss Grumpy Pants. I don't know what it is, but I have been SO grumpy for the past few days. I wish I knew what my problem was or how to fix it... I've been so miserable that I'm sure I'm a real BLAST to be around! I'm so miserable that I don't even want to be around myself... everyone and everything is getting on my last nerve... I'm even getting on my own nerves! What.The.Crap MAN?!

Although I know there's really no excuse, I have some ideas about part of what has been contributing to my evil disposition as of late... first, lack of sleep. I need sleep... ALOT of sleep! Nice, restful, uninterrupted sleep! And lately I have not been getting enough! Sleep + Nikki = BFF! I neeeeeeeeeeed you, BFF! LoL

Second, I have recently been working an ABUNDANCE of A1 (the Southern patrol channel at work... a.k.a. the busiest channel we have) and I have had ENOUGH! It's hard to believe that Southern was once my channel of choice... now, not so much! I'll be honest, I think it takes a special kind of person to work in the southern precinct and to be able to handle what they deal with on a day-to-day basis. But unfortunately, that special kind of person also tends to be demanding and impatient and sometimes quite snippy... usually (but not always) mixed with a little bit 'o JERK. That doesn't make for a good day when you're on my end of the radio. And for some reason, my shift is the only shift that assigns channels. The reason behind that is supposed to be fairness, but I don't necessarily agree with it... I mean, we're supposed to be adults... right? Why is it that we can make life or death decisions in the blink of an eye but we can't choose the channel we're going to work that night... come on, people, really?! I had to do some switches this past week, which meant I was repaying those switches on dayshift and evening shift. I thought I might be granted some reprieve while I was "visiting" on the other shifts, but BOY was I WRONG! You'll never guess what channel I had to work on both shifts...

Third, my allergies have been kicking my @$$ lately. My throat has been sore for a week and sometimes I sound like a man. (P.S. I don't like being called "Sir"!!!) I take an allergy pill every day, plus I take Benadryl on the days that I work, but I still feel like a hot steamy pile of crappola. And don't get me started on my asthma... I wish I had a nickel for every puff I've had of my inhaler!

So there it is folks... don't say I didn't warn you. For those of you who have no choice and HAVE to see or talk to me anytime in the near future, I apologize in advance. It's not you, it's me. I'm working hard to get myself out of this funk and quick!


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Brian said...

My poor grumpy girl......take off those grumpy pants and put on some happy pants :-)